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「以新世代的方式優化管理,整合於 LINE app 中第一時間收到評論通知並能夠快速回覆,大大提升便利性,謝謝您們!」

Robin Lin | 那夜餐酒館

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— Forbes




— Qualtrics

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  • What industries need to use IntelliLead?
    Because for many industries, consumers will interact directly with Google My Business, Google My Business is the primary digital marketing channel! Therefore, it is very applicable to any service industry-related industries. Our users are located in the catering, beauty industry, restaurants, clinics, interior design, retail, etc.
  • What is SEO organic (free) ranking?
    SEO=Free advertising. When you search for any "Business Discovery Keywords", Google will display relevant local businesses in a prominent position on your mobile screen. The higher the traffic of your business, the higher the ranking will be, which is equivalent to occupying a prime storefront. The crowds will bring money, and the business will naturally flourish. Different from advertising, "Organic Ranking" determines which merchants are displayed, and IntelliLead has cracked the rules of this game! And we have created an exclusive AI reply function to help you increase traffic! Learn more
  • How can IntelliLead help my business?
    IntelliLead can help your business build excellent electronic word-of-mouth marketing on Google Maps, increase online exposure, and attract more potential customers. You can also use our LINE service for one-stop quick management, listening to customer opinions and feedback, and obtaining data analysis to help your business grow.
  • Why is running a Google my business important?
    90% of consumers in Taiwan check reviews online before visiting a business. However, the role of Google My Business is not only to bring five-star "word-of-mouth" reviews, but most business owners will ignore its "search" role! By helping you create an excellent Google business online image, IntelliLead enables your business to seize local SEO organic rankings and attract more potential customers.
  • Is it really completely free?
    We do not receive any payment at the moment and we bear the high server fees ourselves every month. Quick activation in 5 minutes (no credit card binding required). The reason is that we believe it is most important for technology startups to carve out a perfect user experience and bring continuous business growth to customers. So we promise: it will be completely free until then. Of course, if you are not satisfied with our services at any time, you can terminate our services at any time.
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